Passion Melting Team, Cohesion Achieves Dreams

Column:Company news Time:2019-07-08

In order to alleviate your work pressure and cultivate your team cohesion. The company organized a League building activity for us. Let's take part in interesting team activities outside of work to enhance mutual understanding and trust.

The first day of the construction of the regiment (item 1): colour bullet live CS. Develop personal responsibility and teamwork spirit.

On the first day of the construction of the League (item 2), "Shentangyu Trestle Road" on foot. Feel life on foot, don't be afraid of the unknown road ahead; appreciate life on foot, don't look up in the distance, steadfastly take every step under your feet; experience things on foot, don't give up when you meet difficulties, only perseverance can achieve success.

On the second day of the League's construction, the expansion project: ice breaking, challenge, finger pressing board.

Promote mutual understanding among the members of the delegation, stimulate their enthusiasm for participation, and form a good atmosphere of joy and warmth.

Team grouping, team leader selection, team name, team training, team song, team emblem.